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We work with major companies with recognized names. Who respect and appreciate us for the high level of work, for the individual approach, with the best price-quality ratio.
These guys don’t make mistakes!


Unlike most of today's companies, we are sensitive to the design, and it is important for our clients and partners. Bakhshiyev studio remains true to the creative power of design, which embodies the beauty, ingenuity and charisma.


We offer a wide range of services in the field of design: from professional advice to the integrated development of design and working documentation with the author's supervision of construction sites.

Design School

This is a special project that combines the industry's design and culture of the city of Baku. Our goal - to give you the correct over-result technology and consistent work, thus maximizing the level of professionalism in Baku.


We offer a full range of services to repair any type of space, whether it is an apartment, office, public institution or business marketplace. Experienced skilled craftsmen quickly and qualitatively carry out major or redecorating an apartment or office. We are in constant quality control at all stages of the work and take care of your comfort.


We offer a full range of construction services of any complexity and scope, ranging from the construction of houses of economy class, before the construction of turn-key complex of luxury villas with the author's support of the project. During the activity, we have well studied features of construction industry and we are constantly aware of new building technologies.

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Measure plan

Start the task of every design project and repairs - the creation of measure plan. This is a sketch drawing room, the view from the top, with documentary precision repeating paper size apartment or house in a reduced form.

Redevelopment of the area

Creation of dismantling/ installation plans of partitions and designs - a necessary phase of the work of interior design in which occurs the optimization and organization of dwelling space, embodies the unique design of the project.

Plan of furniture arrangement

Creation of a furniture arrangement plan gives the feel and atmosphere of the interior mood. When we start the alignment of objects in the room the main thing is to stand out above all the compositional center and the size of all objects, their location in the room relative to lifelines.

Technical plans of the area

Creation of technical drawings of the premises include a plan for lighting, sockets, electric terminals, cornices, dimensions, levels, construction of ceilings, floors, etc.

Complex of Materials

In terms of realization of the project and design for maximum comfort of the customer, we select furniture, lighting elements, fabrics, lining materials and equipment.

3D Visualization

People can use it before repair works to visually assess the future of the space, color, shape, placement of furniture, decoration and interior design. Strict adherence to the scope, allows displaying the correct size of future facilities to the smallest details.

Author’s supervision

It includes a set of actions to ensure full compliance with all the ongoing construction work on the project with the project design approved by the Customer. We always keep contact with builders for the quality of the project and, if necessary, we give consultations.


For your harmonious space living, after the completion of finishing works, we do the selection of decorative elements of the interior: curtains, carpets, paintings, posters, drawings, sculptures, and more.


We do not disclose the names of our clients. All the information you provide to us, by your will can remain in the walls of our studio, and your order will not be published anywhere.


It is a usage of natural and environmentally friendly natural materials: wood, bamboo, natural stone, fur, linen, wool, cotton. Of course, these materials are not cheap, but they do not harm your health and the health of people close to you.

Consultation of a designer

Consultation on the selection of a professional designer planning decisions, finishing materials, colors, style and interior, furniture and decor. Consultation can be orally or sketches on a paper.

В работе с дизайн студией самое главное, что бы это было Дизайн Студия BakhshiyevStudio, а не какое-нибудь жалкое подобие ДС. Оно должно быть афигительным, креативным и афигительнокреативным!)

− Orkhan Aslanov (Photographer)

Сотрудничество журнала "Салон Азербайджан" с дизайн студией Асафа Бахшиева получилось успешным и удачным благодаря ее руководителю. Его профессионализм и чувство юмора сделали наше сотрудничество полезным и приятным.

− Oksana Derevanko, Owner, SALON magazine

Дружная команда всегда была готова помочь, проконсультировать, объяснить мастеру что и как нужно делать. Также хотелось бы отметить, что Асаф не только талантливый дизайнер и профессионал своего дела, но и  чудесный, коммуникабельный человек, с которым приятно иметь дело!

− Gulzada Ongerbayeva, client