My name is Asaf Bakhshiyev, and I am the founder of the design world Bakhshiyev Studio. I came to design over 10 years ago and immediately plunged into it with head. To say that I love my job - it's nothing to say!
In May 2013 it was decided to open a studio. To this day, I believe that this is one of my best ideas. When the studio opened, it was among the 2-3 elite design companies, and we are trying to this day to keep the bar.

Perhaps I will quote a passage from my favorite book, "Steve Jobs": "What motivates me?! I think most creative people tend to express gratitude for what are the fruits of work done by others before them. For example, I did not invent the language or mathematics, without which it cannot do anything. I rarely prepare food by myself, all my clothes are sewn not by me. All I'm doing is dependent on other members of our species - because we rely on them. And many of us want to contribute, somehow repay humanity, add something to the overall flow. Each work according to his abilities, and we try to help those talents, which we have to express our innermost feelings, our appreciation for all that has been put before us, bring in the treasury of mankind something different. That's what motivates me! " ©


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